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Here is what some have to say about The Nurse Network…

“I have three kids.  Between play dates, guitar lessons, and soccer practice my schedule is pretty scary.  My coordinator at The Nurse Network took great care in finding what worked with my schedule.  I was very impressed!”

-Stacie C, R.N., Connecticut

“We hired 4 wonderful RN’s from the Philippines.  We can’t wait to hire more.  The Nurse Network has far exceeded our expectations.”

-Anthony, CEO, New York

“I like spending my winters at the beach, so the travel nurse opportunities are just perfect for me.”

-Linda H., R.N.,  Yazoo City, Mississippi

“With the temp services available, I now make my own schedule and my family comes first.”

-Andrea T. R.N., Alexandria, Virginia

“The Nurse Network doubled my local hourly wage.”

-Misty M., R.N., Naples, Florida

“I love the convenience and flexibility of working per diem.  The staff at The Nurse Network ALWAYS works with me and for me in meeting my schedule demands.  Thank you so much Nurse Network.”

-Nancy G, L.P.N., Massachusetts

“This company was built on reliability and reputation for quality professionals.  They are truly our partner in staffing.  They WILL get the job done.”

-Jeremy R., HR Manager, Vermont

“The Nurse Network has addressed all of our needs with impeccable customer service and more importantly…results.”

-John J., Administrator, Connecticut