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Temporary Placement

Per-Diem Nurse Staffing Services

The Nurse Network has established a reputation of excellence and reliability in the per-diem nurse staffing industry.  Since our modest beginnings, in 1996, we have grown significantly.  We now have over 100,000 nurses available for staff relief services nationwide.  Our powerful web-based scheduling tools and client interface makes The Nurse Network an obvious choice for your per-diem staffing needs.  A dedicated coordinator will be assigned to handle all of your staffing issues.  Our tools, our people and our resources, in collaboration with your organization will assure that you have qualified nurses there, when you need them.

Temp-to-Perm Nurse Staffing Services

Clearly the most effective and efficient means to recruitment, temp-to-perm placements give all parties the opportunity to “test drive” an employment relationship.  Healthcare professionals’ skills, aptitude and logistical fit are put to the test in the actual work environment.  Reduced rates during the temporary portion make this a no risk solution to staffing shortages.  The continuity of care will benefit your valued residents and patients, and lend itself to a more stable healthcare environment and better patient outcomes.

It’s simple, The Nurse Network will introduce multiple candidates to fill a position, either for permanent or temporary hire.

The facility and the professional will be free to negotiate an employment arrangement that is mutually beneficial.