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Nurse Network Benefits

The Nurse Network offers healthcare professionals an exciting chance to gain meaningful employment in the healthcare industry.  A personal career coordinator is assigned to all of our healthcare candidates.  These coordinators handle all of the tedious and essential tasks associated with employment search efforts.  Our team collects all pertinent employment documents, credentialing information, skills assessments, and aptitude testing.  A comprehensive professional profile is provided to all potential employers.  Rest assured that your candidacy for a potential job opportunity will have a distinct advantage over other non-member candidates.

We pride ourselves on always being there for our healthcare personnel.  We customize your nursing job placement based on your specific requirements and individual needs – including hours per week, length of tenure, salary requirements, job location, specific nursing job preferences and more.  Our priority is to keep you earning.

The Nurse Network Advantage

  •  Direct Pay
  • Sign-On, Referral & Completion Bonuses
  •  Personalized Support 24/7/365
  • Convenient 24-hour Online Access
  • Access to Medical Insurance

Remember, we are here for you and that communication is crucial.