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Travel & Foreign Nurse Placement

Nursing Travel Contract Placement Services

The Nurse Network recruiting efforts take us throughout the country and around the world.  This enables us to take advantage of regional disparities in nursing supply and pay scales.  Our highly trained travel coordinators, enable us to reach literally hundreds of thousands of nurses annually.  A facility or group of facilities simply cannot achieve this level of exposure on their own.  Whether our travelers are coming to work for the season, or relocate permanently, you can rest assured that we have properly credentialed and matched them specifically to your requests.  Recruitment is our game, and we are good at it.

Foreign Nursing Placement Services

Since its’ inception, The Nurse Network has successfully recruited nurses from all corners of the world.  There is an endless resource for qualified nursing and healthcare professionals outside the boundaries of the United States.  While the challenges of foreign recruitment are real, the benefits are bountiful.  Our foreign professionals come here eager and ready to work.  All state licenses are acquired prior to their arrival.

The Nurse Network charges little or no deposit, in most cases, until we have specific delivery dates and visa approvals.  All foreign nursing professionals will have complete professional profiles for your review prior to spending a cent.  Upon request, our nurses are available for telephone interviews by your staff to assess language skills and general aptitude.  The Nurse Network coordinators will handle all steps of the recruitment process. We utilize state of the art technology as the backbone of our back-office operations. Everything, with regard to documentation, is standardized, electronic and very secure.